What is 4.8 as a fraction?

What is 4.8 as a fraction

What is 4.8 as a fraction? 4.8 in fraction form is 24/5. Changing Decimals to Fractions To change decimals to fractions, you need to think about place value. For instance, what place is the 7 in in the number 5.07. The seven is in the hundredths place. So, to make it a decimal, you would need … Read more

What is 2.6 as a Fraction?

What is 2.6 as a Fraction

Fractions and Decimals Fractions and decimals are kinds of numbers we can use to show a part of a whole number. For example, if you eat 1/2 of a cake, you have only eaten part of the cake, not the whole thing. This is the same with decimals. If you have $0.25, you have less … Read more