Is NOCl polar or nonpolar?

Is NOCl polar or nonpolar?

NOCl is polar. 


Nitrosyl chloride (NOCl) is a chemical reagent used in a wide variety of chemical synthesis reactions. It is notably used in organic chemistry where it is used to make α-chloro oximes from alkenes.

Polarity in Molecules

  • When two or more atoms come together to form a molecule the resulting molecule can contain metallic bonds, ionic bonds, or covalent bonds.
  • An ionic bond always produces a polar molecule with one part of the molecule having a positive charge and one having a negative charge.
  • In covalent bonds, there can be an even sharing of electrons and this results in a molecule that is non-polar. When the sharing of electrons is uneven this means that the molecule develops a polarity.
  • Polarity often occurs when there is a large difference between the electronegativity of the atoms that are sharing the electrons.

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