Reading Plus Answers Level A

Reading Plus Answers Level A

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How The Spider Came To Be

1. This story is a myth. Often, a myth may teach a lesson. The main lesson in this story is:

too much pride can be a bad thing.’

2. According to the story, Arachne was:

a young woman.’

3. The great weaver in the story is a goddess. Why is this important to know?:

A goddess can do things that a human cannot.

4. From what you have read, which of these sentences is true?:

Arachne did not have a teacher.’

5. In this part of the text, what does “move Arachne’s hand” mean?:

help Arachne weave.’

Reading Plus Answers Level A (Ambient-Example A) Reading Plus Answers Level A is the same as answer level A in the previous exercise, but with answers that were displayed in a “Reading Plus Answers (Ambient)” state. These answers are white with arrows pointing in their direction.

Reading Plus Answers Level A and B: Reading and Vocabulary are generally more difficult than a normal A and B level at school. Reading Plus Answers Level A covers vocabulary, rules, grammar, and reading comprehension.

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