What is 13/16 as a percentage?

What is 13/16 as a percentage?

The percentage score for 13 out of 16 is 81.25%.

Fractions to Decimals

To convert a fraction to decimal form, you would divide the numerator by the denominator. This will then express the ratio stated in the fraction as a proportion of parts of 10.

Fractions and Decimals:

  • Fractions and decimals can be used interchangeably, depending on what a person wants, and which is easier to express.
  • Often, converting a fraction to a decimal can result in a long decimal value, which may be non-terminating. In this case, the decimal needs to be rounded off, resulting in imprecision in the answer.
  • We use fractions and decimal values on a daily basis, with dollars being divided into 100 parts, cents, allowing them to be easily expressed as a fraction or a decimal. For example, a quarter (which is one quarter of a dollar) has a value of 25 cents, or  of one dollar.

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