What Is The Bohr Model For Aluminum?

What Is The Bohr Model For Aluminum?

The Bohr model of Aluminum(Al) is drawn with three electron shells, the first shell contains 2 electrons, the second shell contains 8 electrons and the third shell contains 3 electrons. Aluminum is neutral and its atomic number is 13, hence, the number of protons and electrons available for its Bohr diagram is also 13.

A Visual Depiction

A Bohr model is a way of visually depicting the structure of an atom of a particular element. An atom is the main component of an element and the determinant of an element.

Elements have subatomic particles called protons, neutrons, and electrons in addition to atoms. A Bohr model shows that the protons and neutrons are located inside the nucleus with the electrons orbiting in various energy levels around the nucleus.

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