What is the molar mass of Al2 (SO4)3?

What is the molar mass of Al2 (SO4)3?

The molar mass of Al2 (SO4)3 is 342.14 g/mole.

  • Two aluminum atoms: 2(26.98 g/mole) = 53.96 g/mole.
  • Three sulfur atoms: 3(32.06 g/mole) = 96.18 g/mole.
  • Twelve oxygen atoms: 12(16.00 g/mole) = 192.00 g/mole.

Summing these values gives us 342.14 g/mole.

Molar mass

Aluminum sulfate is an ionic compound containing a polyatomic ion. Since there are three sulfate ions we need to multiply each component of the sulfate ion by three. The molar mass each element contributes to the compound must be summed.

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