Which NIMS component includes the incident command system (ICS)?

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Which does Nims Component include The Incident Command System (ICS)?

  1. Command and Coordination

  2. Joint Information System

  3. Resource Management

  4. Communications and Information

ANSWER: Command and coordination

Answer in Detail

The explanation of those five components is described below:


Effective incident management starts with several preparedness activities carried out on a “steady-state” basis, long before a potential incident. Preparedness includes an integrated combination of planning, exercises, qualifications of personnel, and the standard of certification, training, and equipment certification.

Communications and Information Management

Emergency management and incident response endeavors depend on communications and information management systems that offer an overview of general operations for all command and coordination locations.

The NIMS explains the requirements for a standard framework for communications and stresses the need for an overview of operations. NIMS is based on the ideas of interoperability, scalability, reliability, portability, resilience, and repetition of communication and information systems.

Resource Management

Resources – personnel, tools, and/or supplies—are required to promote the objective of a critical event. The resource flow must be smooth and can be adjusted according to incident requirements.

NIMS outlines a standard mechanism and builds the resource management process to identify requirements; order and obtain resources; mobilize, track and report the status of resources; restore and paralyze resources; refund for resource use; and inventory resources.

Command and Management

The Command and Management component in NIMS is designated to allow efficient and effective incident administration and synchronization by offering a flexible and standardized incident management structure.

This structure is based on three organizational constructions. They are the Incident Command System (ICS), Public Information, and Multiagency Coordination Systems (MACS).

Ongoing management and maintenance

The Ongoing Management and Maintenance component of NIMS consists of two subsets, which include the National Integration Center and Supporting Technologies.

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