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Describe The Three Components Of A Political Party.

Describe The Three Components Of A Political Party.

The three components of a political party are as follows:  

1. Leaders –

The leaders are the ones who hold positions of power at various levels in the sphere of politics. They belong to different political parties. The leaders of the ruling party are responsible for the impact of various policies and processes and address issues of the people time and again.

2. Active members –

Political parties comprise lakhs of members and political activists across the entire nation. They play an important role in promoting the agenda of the party including a focus on issues and various policies and party leadership.


The followers of a political party are the supporters of the ideas and agenda of that particular political party. They are the citizens of the general public who strongly believe in the ideas and approaches of the party and extend their support to the party, especially during elections.

Political Party:

A political party is a group of people who come together to contest elections and hold power in the government. Always political parties take some policies and programmes for society with a view to promoting the collective good.

There are different views on what is good for society and people. Every political party wants to persuade people why their policies are better than other parties and tries to win the support of people.

Three Components of a Political Party:

(i) The Leaders Every political party has some prominent leaders who formulate policies and programmes of the party and choose candidates for contesting elections.

(ii) The Active Members They are involved in different committees of the party and participate directly in their activity.

(iii) The Followers They believe in the party’s ideology and support the party by casting their votes in favour of the party at the time of election.

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