How Did John Thornton Die?

How Did John Thornton Die?

A. He was killed by a group of wild wolves.

B. He died in the river rapids.

C. He died from frostbite on his feet.

D. He was killed by Native Americans.

D. John Thornton died because he was killed by the Native Americans.


John Thornton is the character in the short story The Call of the Wild. It is a short story written by Jack London. The focus of this short story is about Buck, a domestic dog, which has to experience dog slavery when he was stolen by someone from California. As a domestic dog, Buck has to learn from other dogs during his life in slavery. Buck has to pull a heavy sled through the miles and miles on the frozen ice.

Buck’s life during dog slavery was so hard. He also has to fight with other dogs to gain power. Fortunately. Buck meets John Thornton. John Thornton later becomes Buck’s master.

On the other hand, Bucks loves and becomes attached to John Thornton. Together with John Thornton, Buck sets off on a journey and experience. Buck sometimes also saves John Thornton from something bad.

Unfortunately, at the end of the story, John Thornton died because of the Yeehat tribe. Yeehat tribe is the Native Americans. Because of the death of John Thornton, Buck later becomes a wild dog that takes revenge on the people who killed its master.

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