Reading Plus Answers Level C

Reading Plus Answers Level C

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1. Both the coconut
2. The ocean carried
3. It was worth it
4. Spanish word
5. A fruit
6. The first explain
7. It makes skin, it can help
8. It make help
9. They had a great deal
10. People give a piece

Charley And The Eggs

  • This story is mostly about Charley and:

‘how she hatches some chicks.’

  • Charley’s dad most likely works as:

‘a doctor.’

  • In this part of the story, how is Charley most likely feeling?:


  • From what you have read, you can tell that incubator:

‘is fairly easy to make at home.’

What kinds of things are needed to build an incubator?:

‘a box, a light bulb, and a thermometer.’

Going Nuts

  1. Both the coconut…
  2. The ocean carried…
  3. It was worth it…
  4. Spanish word…
  5. A fruit…
  6. They first explain…
  7. It makes skin, it can help…
  8. It makes help…
  9. They had a great deal…
  10. People give a piece…


  1. Ache: something hurts.
  2. Fool: to deceive, or a person who is ridiculous.
  3. Knowledge: familiar with information.
  4. Peak: tip, top, pinnacle.
  5. Ready: prepared, available to do something.
  6. Sleep: rest, dormant.
  7. Stand: upright position, or to resist, defend.
  8. Process: steps (pasos) to complete a task (area).
  9. Quite: entirely or really.
  10. Stage: a raised platform for performance.
  11. Bank: financial institution.
  12. Bay: body of water enclosed by a curved piece of land.
  13. Block: a cube.
  14. Blame: to hold responsible.
  15. Load: quantity carried at one time.

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