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Reading Plus Answers Level E

Reading Plus Answers Level E

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  • Accept:

to receive.

  • Copper:

a reddish-brown metal.

  • Hire:

to give someone a job.

  • Opposite:

very different from.

  • Responsible:

trustworthy; reliable.

  • Acid:

a substance that increases the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution.

  • Correct:


  • Host:

someone who throws a party, entertains others in their home.

  • Ordinary:

with no special or distinctive features; normal.

  • Revolve:

to go around something in a circle; to turn around in a circle.

  • Active:

taking action; full of movement.

  • Couple:

to join, unite.


state of being sick.


arrange or put in order.


of or relating to a king or queen.

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